August 2022: Introducing the new Executive Director of Arts Missoula - Heather Adams

Join Udo, as he is visiting with Heather Adams, who founded and was Executive Director of the Downtown Dance Collective for 13 years, has danced, taught, directed, choreographed, organized, and produced, and started in June, after Tom Bensen’s retirement, as the new Executive Director of Arts Missoula. Heather has been involved in the art scene since her arrival in the Garden City, in 1999, and continues to be inspired by Missoulians love for the arts, culture and community. She has dedicated her professional career to arts education, performance and advocacy. In her conversation with Udo, she talks about Arts Missoula and its annual programming highlights, the importance of art for communities and societies, her cultural and professional experiences, nationally and internationally, and her shifting role, from being an “artist” to being a “leader” and a “manager”. Get inspired by her vision, energy and creativity and learn about how she plans to “shake up a few things” and increase visibility of Missoula’s designated arts and culture agency.