December 2023: From Peru, to New York, to Missoula – The Journey of a Music and Dance Educator Creating Communities Along the Way

Join Udo and his guest, Christian Moya, a Peruvian music and culture educator for the last podcast of this year. Moya has lived for many years in New York City, surrounded by a large Latino population. When he moved to Missoula with his wife, he was not sure he would find the same sense of community. But he was pleasantly surprised that, while Missoula's Latino community is fairly small, it is thriving. To Moya, building community, listening to music, dancing, speaking Spanish, while playing percussion instruments, is not only important, but it also creates community. Learn more about Peru, and how important it is to celebrate culture, traditions and customs, especially when one is outside of one’s country of origin.
In 2023, the International Voices podcast reached a new record in its listenership around the world, with audiences listening in over 30 countries. I started the International Voices podcast series in February of 2020 and over 40 episodes were recorded so far, featuring many international and multicultural voices from within the United States, as well as individuals, who have studied, worked, researched, or lived in locations around the globe, giving them an international perspective as well.