April 2022: Food as Cultural Diplomacy – Those who passionately train, guide, and inspire the next generation of culinary artists and those who study, experiment and create at the Big Sky Culinary Institute

Join Udo, as he is talking, for the first time, with six individuals in one episode. His guests are: Dr. Thomas Gallagher, Dean and Professor of the Missoula College, Katie Dalessio, Director of Fiscal and Personnel Services, Amy Nack, Chef and Faculty in the Culinary Arts Program, Matt Parkey, Manager of the Blackfoot Café on the Missoula College campus and two students, currently enrolled in the Big Sky Culinary Institute, the leading hospitality and culinary arts school in Montana, housed in the Missoula College, where the French salutation “Bon Appetit” can be heard when the bell rings, at the end of class, and as an encouragement to enjoy a finished class project. This is the third part, of a three-part series.