July 2023: Delegation members from Missoula’s Sister City Palmerston North, New Zealand, talk about the many benefits twinned cities bring to their communities.

During their visit in June, Udo invited five members of the delegation from Missoula’s sister city Palmerston North (Palmy), New Zealand, to The Trail studio, to talk about how sister cities do not only benefit their city governments, but bring many advantages to the academic, economic, and tourism sectors as well.
The Palmy delegation visit to Missoula commemorates the 40th anniversary celebration. Mayor Grant Smith, Mr. Jerry Shearman, Chief Executive Officer of the Central Economic Development Agency, Mr. Roly Fitzgerald, Māori Ward Councilor and Rangitāne representative, Mrs. Gabrielle Logo, the International Relations Manager, and Ms. Kate Harridge, International Relations and Education Advisor for the Palmerston North City Council. Hear from each one of the delegation members, about their interactions during their stay in the Garden City, how they benefited from their experience and what they are taking back to their community, half-way around the globe. 

This podcast also set a record for the most studio guests in one podcast recording!