June 2022: Music as Cultural Diplomacy – Spreading Important Messages from Missoula to Audiences in Europe Through Music as the Universal Language

Join Udo, as he is talking, to Dr. Coreen Duffy, Conductor of UM’s Chamber Chorale, Dr. James Randall, Director of UM’s School of Music, Chorale Member Saxon Holbrook, and UM Chorale Students: Mira Smith, Spencer Price, Kylar Sprenger, and Sophia Boughey, about their local community voices being heard by international audiences, as they are touring England and Germany this month, their feelings of being musical ambassadors, their expectations and anticipations and about their excitement of performing in Missoula’s sister city Neckargemünd, Germany. Next year, 2023, will be the 30th anniversary of the Missoula and Neckargemünd global connection. While of a musical nature, the participants interviewed hope their impact will not be limited to being an audio delight. Listen to this newest episode, to find out about the others powers of music! This episode is part one, of a three-part series, focusing on “Music as Cultural Diplomacy”.