November 2022: Managing Cultural Adjustment and Culture Shock – A Local High School in Missoula for Students from Around the World

This is the 2nd part of a multi-part series, focusing on “Managing Cultural Adjustment and Culture Shock”. Last month Udo was fortunate to talk to Shiena Greata Medrano, a student at the University of Montana, but born and raised in the city of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which is also where she started her education. Shiena first settled in Philipsburg, Montana, a city of under a thousand individuals, before moving to Missoula, to attend UM. This November episode is dedicated to all the brave students in high schools around the world who started their education in one country and finish it in another. Who left their comforts, their culture, their traditions and customs behind, and had to re-discover, re-learn and re-build it all in another country and culture. Join Udo to learn about the cultural adjustment of four high school students in Missoula, Sandrine , from Congo, who lived in Uganda for most of her life before coming to Missoula, Tantine and Magnifique from Burundi, and Salim from Syria. Salim moved to Jordan when he was 7. .Listen in, to find out, how these courageous students managed to adjust to a new country, a new culture, a new city and a community they were not familiar with and what they found particularly challenging and what was easy for them to adjust to.