September 2022: Gabrielle Nguyen and Kate Harridge on the 40th Sister City Anniversary of Palmerston North, New Zealand and Missoula

Tune in this episode and learn more about the 40th anniversary of the sister city connection between Missoula and Palmerston North, New Zealand through Gabrielle Nguyen, the International Relations Manager and Kate Harridge, the Education Advisor, in Palmerston North. Find out how “education” and “international relations” are connected, how students in both locations can benefit from that bond, and how our two communities can learn from each other locally. Learn about the beginning of the twinned city relationship, the benefits that four-decade long tie has positively impacted education, business, commerce, tourism and recreation, the advantages to art and culture and how the two city governments can learn from each other’s experiences in managing common challenges, including public transportation and affordable housing. Udo will also talk to Gabrielle and Kate about how the anniversary has been celebrated so far this year and which programming highlights are still planned until the end of 2022. This podcast closes with an outlook on what the future might hold for the sister city link between Missoula and Palmerston North.